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Welcome to the Rileys

So I was plodding through my Netflix queue and Jersey K, my wife, and I came across a small, movie directed by Jake Scott and starring James Gandolfini, Kristin Stewart and Melissa Leo. It’s about a married couple, middle-aged, who lost their teenage daughter in a car accident. The father, Gandolfini, is in a perpetual state of mourning. He cheats on his wife, smokes in the family garage by himself and doesn’t give a damn about the  plumbing business he owns. Leo, his film wife, pops pills, stays at home and awkwardly attempts some kind of communication with her forlorn husband. When Gandolfini’s waitress girlfriend drops out of the picture, Gandolfini goes on a planned business trip by himself  to New Orleans where he meets an underage stripper-prostitute played by Stewart, who’s a hot ,little filly that won’t be broken. How Stewart,  Gandolfini and Leo come to  relate to one another becomes the thrust of the movie. You might think this is a throw- away flick. It’s not. It’s  well played by the actors  and Jake Scott, Ridley’s son and Tony’s nephew, shows an  ability to tell a story that holds your attention to the point that you care for the characters and what happens to them. Yes,  it’s worth the time to stream the film  or order the DVD from Netflix or any other source where you can grab hold of a copy of the film.


Another Voice, Another Movie

Today is the first post on my critical  blog that will report what I see at the movies or on television or what I read, which will include what I read in whatever format I choose. So, it’s going to be free-wheeling expressing my own opinion that you may or may not agree with. And that’s the point every person sees something differently as I do from you. So there we are, and let us begin.